Creative Box: Furniture Design to Support Creative Learning in Primary School

Architectural Design, Interior Architecture Program
Community Engagement Grants (2013)

Team Leader : Yandi Andri Yatmo

Team Member :

, , AA Ayu Suci Warakanyaka, Arif Rahman Wahid, Noor Fajrina F. Istiani

The purpose of this program is to develop the ideas of innovative school furniture design that could support creative learning process in primary school. Current situation in the state primary schools indicates lack of spatial elements and objects that are conducive for creative learning process. Learning spaces tend to be dominated with furniture that is not ergonomics for children, with lack of opportunity for creative activities and expression. This program consists of a series of workshops with the children to explore creative possibilities in designing learning space arrangement and furniture. Through these workshops the children became aware on the important role of innovative design of spaces and furniture to support their everyday learning. The final output of the program was a classroom furniture design consisting of modular box units with various features on the box surfaces. The units could be composed into various configurations that will allow various kinds of creative learning activities. The design provides opportunities for the teachers and children to explore possible kinds of uses of this set of boxes and utilize them in a creative way.


Atmodiwirjo, P. & Istiani, N. F. (2012). Children as “Interior Architects”: Creative Learning and Exploration of Classroom Furniture. ICOLACE 2014: International Conference on Community Learning and Engagement, Singapore, 24-27 June 2014.