Master Program

thesis final

Over the years, the master’s program has grown into 6 streams, in addition to the two already mentioned earlier, the specialization program of Urban Housing and Settlements, Real Estate, History and Theories of Architecture and Urbanism and Building Technology and Sustainability were established. In this program, the student is challenged to master architecture knowledge by its majority and to be able to demonstrate the state of the art in research methods and architectural design. The National Board of Accreditation for Higher Education (BAN-PT) has awarded Architecture Master Program accreditation level A.

Subject Composition:

Type of Subject Credit Hours (SKS) Percentage
Compulsory Subjects 7 17,5
Stream Subjects 13 32,5
Elective Subjects 9 22,5
Seminar, Thesis 11 27,5
Total 40 100%
Total Credit Hours to Graduate   40 sks