Tools and Services

Code Tools Civitas Akademika Department of Architecture FTUI Regular
LC-01 Laser Cutting 800×1000 mm Rp. 30.000/sheet Rp. 100.000/sheet
LC-01S Setting Laser Cutting 800×1000 mm Rp. 30.000/sheet Rp. 50.000/sheet
LC-02 Laser Cutting 300×400 mm Rp. 10.000/sheet Rp. 30.000/sheet
LC-02S Setting Laser Cutting 300×400 (Cut Only) mm Rp. 10.000/sheet Rp. 15.000/sheet
CR-01 CNC Router Shopbot 1000x1800mm Rp. 50.000/hour Rp. 150.000/hour
CR-01S Setting CNC Rp. 100.000/sheet Rp. 100.000/sheet
VC-01 Vinyl Cutter Rp 10/cm Rp. 25/cm
VC-01S Setting Vinyl Cutter Rp. 5000/sheet Rp. 10.000/sheet
MB-M Makerbot Mini 10 x 10 x 12.5 cm Rp. 1000/gram Rp. 3000/gram
MB-MS Setting Makerbot Mini Rp. 1000/gram Rp. 1000/gram
MB-D Makerbot Desktop 25.2 x 19.9 x 15 cm Rp. 1000/gram Rp. 1000/gram
MB-DS Setting Makerbot Desktop Rp. 1000/gram Rp. 2000/gram


Download Instruction in Using Laser Cutting and AutoCAD Template

Download Laser Cut Template 1000×800 mm (max file size for each cut: 1mb)

Download Laser Cut Template 400×300 mm

Download Form Fablab

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