Architecture Program

The aim in this undergraduate program is to graduate Bachelor in Architecture, who able to design architecture in the context of local needs and based on the application of basic theory, and knowledge of the architecture Graduates are expected to have the ability as:

  • Initiator able to provide solutions to spatial problems critically and creatively, and in accordance with the local context and needs
  • Designer have the skill in assembling the architectural elements and materials, have an understanding of built aspects, and have sensitivity in creating design of meaning 
  • Communicator – student able to communicate ideas through word, writing, drawing, modeling, and others.
  • Collaborator – able to work together with society to achieve creative solutions in real problems

The Program Aim

Course Composition:

Type of Course Credit Hours (SKS) Percentage
General Course of University 18 12,5
General Course of Engineering Faculty 12 8,33
Skill Course 81 56,25
Optional Course 25 17,36
On The Job Training, Seminar, Final Project, Project 8 5,56
Total 144 100%
Total Credit Hours to Graduate   144 sks


Main Courses

Year 1

  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Visual Arts
  • Communication Techniques in Architecture
  • Design Theory and Methods in Architecture
  • History of Architecture 1
  • Year 2

  • Design Theories and Methods in Built Environment
  • History of Architecture 2
  • Architectural Design 1
  • Building Technology 1
  • Architectural Design 2
  • Building Technology 2
  • Year 3

  • Architectural Design 3
  • Introduction to Urban Context
  • Architectural Design 4
  • Building Technology 3
  • Year 4

  • Architectural Design 5
  • Undergraduate Thesis