History and Theories of Architecture


This program focuses on the theoretical and critical aspects of architecture. Historical aspect is an important part of this program, not for the sake of remembering the past in nostalgic mode, but to help us understanding architectural events—past and present—in a more critical manner.
Those who aspire to become academics are not the only ones to be welcomed to enroll in this program. Practicing architects/designers who wish to take some time to understand more about the field, aspiring writers on architectural topics, aspiring critics, are all welcomed to enroll in this program.
The program is run by reputable staff members with long experiences in the field of architecture histories, theories, and criticism. The staff members of this program were trained at leading architecture schools such as Bartlett School, Harvard, RWTH Aachen, and Architectural Association School.
The fact that Universitas Indonesia has various fields of studies—ranging from humanities, social sciences, economics, pure sciences, engineering, health sciences, etc.—provides students of Architecture Histories, Theories, and Criticism Program to conduct interdisciplinary researches and discussions. Connections between Universitas Indonesia’s Department of Architecture with national and international institutions also make it possible for students to conduct researches and discussions with others from other institutions.


Staff Members
Kemas Ridwan Kurniawan
Yulia Nurlaini
Mohammad Nanda Widyarta

Main Courses

Year 1

  • Advance Design and Research Methods
  • Architecture History & Theories Workshop 1
  • Advance Architectural Theories
  • Architecture Theory and History
  • Architecture History and Theories Workshop 2
  • Year 2

  • Pre-thesis Seminar
  • Thesis