Domestic Space Intervention and Healthy House Education Program to Improve the Quality of Housing in Semper Barat, North Jakarta

Architectural Design
Institutional Competitive Grant Program (PHK-I) (2010)

Team Leader : Paramita Atmodiwirjo

Team Member :

, , Renny Melina

A small intervention program in Semper Barat neighborhood in North Jakarta is a model that integrates research, programming and design, community based spatial intervention and community education as interrelated components. The program began with a thorough inquiry to map various health-related issues within the spatial context. The mapping process revealed various spatial strategies employed by the residents in accommodating their complex domestic needs within limited space. At the same time, a workshop was held for the residents to explore various health-related issues in their dwelling space, thus educating them to become aware of the relationship between various elements involved in their domestic service activities. Based on our inquiry on the existing spatial strategies and the outcomes of the education workshop, a spatial intervention program was developed for the service space. The program comprises of two main components: the renovation of gutter in front of the dwelling units, to allow for better flow of wasted water, and the construction of new sinks to enable the residents to conduct food handling and dish-washing with other washing activities better and more healthily. These two intervention components, although very simple, would accommodate the residents’ needs for service activities in a healthier way.