Colour Study for Universitas Indonesia Satellite Clinic

Architectural Design, Interior Architecture Program
Collaboration Research with Universitas Indonesia Academic Hospital Project (2014)

Team Leader : Yandi Andri Yatmo

Team Member :

, , M. Mirza Harahap, Arif Rahman Wahid, AA Ayu Suci Warakanyaka

This study attempts to explore the application of color for healthcare environment, in particular for a campus healthcare clinic. This action research is based on a review on the impacts of colors on various physiological, psychological and functional aspects of healthcare spaces. The use of color in this satellite clinic was designed in order to promote the positive image of the healthcare environment, while at the same time accommodating various medical and diagnostic functions as well as psychological needs of the users. The study also became the basis for further study on the use of color for larger scale application in the university hospital.