Happy Urban Places: Mapping the Stories of Happiness in Urban Spatial Context

Architectural Design, Urban Design
PUPTN (2014)

Team Leader : Paramita Atmodiwirjo

Team Member :

, , AA Ayu Suci Warakanyaka, Arif Rahman Wahid, Mikhael Johanes, Miktha Farid Alkadri, Noor Fajrina F. Istiani, Verarisa Anastasia Ujung.

This research situated mapping as the operation of unfolding the hidden potential of happy urban places, by analysing and visualizing the continuous flow of events in their spatial urban settings. In particular this study attempted to map the optimal experience of collective happiness that was generated through the interdependence of urban spatial context with urban actors, time and events that occur in it. The analytical mapping was conducted through exploring the narrative of experiences as told and practiced by a group of residents in Cikini neighbourhood, Jakarta. The act of mapping allow us to explore and construct the relational structure of happy urban places and to understand the connections between the performance of happy urban places and the hidden mechanism involved within the process. The process of mapping then became the basis for developing a tool for digital visualization of the events and experiences of urban happiness. “Mapping Stories” was a tool developed to visualize the stories of happiness experienced by urban actors within urban spatial context. It attempts to represent the narrative data that incorporate a complex arrangement of spatial and experiential elements.