Peeled The Tree, Let It Grow

Monica Sidarta - , - Undergraduate Program

Juanda, one big area of Jakarta. Story after story depicted, making every man never bored to
be heard, seen, and felt. Step away time from time to time to give change in every corner of the area. The story does not stop but continues to move with the rest of time that make memory trace. Time accompany humans, need to be answered and unanswered. Commercial oppressed silent does not make a man steps missing, otherwise man kept looking and looking until satisfied. Commercial openness becomes the main attraction. Medium other grand buildings stood with envy.

River and Tree. Then came the commercial opposite their composure. Man moves, leave the river and trees, commercially tempting. Commercial limitations make people vent into the river and trees. Many people spread their commercial needs and rivers and trees. Like xylem and phloem that spreads will certainly grow small, if unified and centralized certainly will grow big. By Xlyem and Phloem mechanism as the idea for public space and reunite man, tree and river as once again be a friend. Public space for the future of human activity, tree activity and river activity.