Human Fatigue

Astidira Apti - , - Undergraduate Program

Their love for earthly possession causes human fatigue. The human fatigue that is happening in Melawai Plaza are mostly caused by the long shift and the “demands” of the gold trading. Two of those causes leads to body positions that gives pressure on joints in uncomfortable ways. These uncomfortable body positions are mainly caused by backless chair that the buyer and the seller use so it doesn’t bother the visual of the items that they are selling, the gold. Due to the non rotational shift, the same person has to face this human fatigue daily without any break from morning till dawn.And this fatigue can actu- ally lead to long term effects such as back pain and sore joints.

To respond to this issue, I choose an easy exercise that can give the pressure off them, physically and mentally. I choose jumping as the main activity because of the adrenaline rush while doing it and because it’s the only exercise that takes off 80% of pressure off joints. The idea behind this jump, is to create a floating city that erases their human fatigue and “refresh” their mind and body.