Spinning Happiness For Cyborg

Valery Deassy - , - Undergraduate Program

Design and architecture ignores the human aspects of building, human as the main subject of architecture as if ignored. They fail to engage with the way that architecture impacts our innate sense of place. The inhuman scale architecture in Sudirman Central Business District is an inevitable problem. It has the peculiarity, but not forcing people to recognize the peculiarity. They get bored with the ambience and seek for new ambience. Major actor in Sudirman Central Business District who feel the most incomfort spatial qualities is the business worker. They are the cyborgs who tries to escape as a human.

What we try to give away is a sense of happiness which created an emotional connection with the site and create their own transformation machine as an escaping journey from concrete jungle of SCBD. To celebrate their journey, I approach it through the relationship between people and buildings, buildings and environment which pays more attention to human needs and scale. Through this spinning mechanism, citizens are dragged, spinned, and get locked in certain area that could make them happy, where they turn into real human again.