Megacities and Global Environment

Urban Design
RIHN (2011)

Team Leader : Evawani Ellisa

Team Member :

, , RIHN Research Member

In this collaboration research between Department of Architecture UI and Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), Kyoto, Japan, I am a research coordinator from UI side. Megacities and global environment project aims to develop a common understanding of a megacity beyond the limits of specific disciplines. This project examines various factors, which influence the transformation process of Jakarta as a mega city. Like other megacities, Jakarta should involve undesirable trade-offs, as the city continuously encounters the direct and indirect environmental impact of urban expansion, the increasing demand for basic needs and services (such as food, water and shelter), and the need to maintain viable human livelihoods. As the “late comer megacity”, greater Jakarta or Jabodetabek is a challenge topic to answer question: will we truly happy with our living conditions in the future when Jakarta gains prosperity from economic growth and bonus of demography?

One among other collaboration activities of this research project is co-organizing an annual joint studio/design workshop between students of University of Indonesia (UI) and Japanese. As the research ground for these activities, we chose kampung Cikini, a high dense informal settlement located in Central Jakarta. In dealing with problems from the micro level related to the lives of individuals to solutions for the city at macro level and even at international level, we applied a multi and interdiciplinary research to respond to various issues focusing in different locations in Jabodetabek area.