Multi dimensional Appraisal of Jakarta Megacity for Designing Better Future Part 1

Urban Design
PUPTN (2013)

Team Leader : Evawani Ellisa

Team Member :


This multi-years research (2013-2014) opens the possibility to move beyond the old “bottom-up versus top-down” debate but call for a more distinct understanding of living culture in high dense settlement of informal kampung and multi-family public housing resided by ex kampung residents. It is a multi-scale approach to deliver sustainable living environment. It is an interaction between different scales and types of architecture: the macro and micro, the megacity and the local, the private sphere of unit living and the neighbourhood, and the response of real needs of residents as well as their adaptability to sociocultural environments that will lead to better future scenarios. Through these on going researches we intend to ensure our belief that local knowledge prevailed both in formal and informal society is important factor in elaborating our future scenario of wider Jakarta 2050.