Community Based Approach for Design and Building Rumah Pintar

Architectural Design, Urban Design
CEGs and RIHN (2013)

Team Leader : Evawani Ellisa

Team Member :

Rumah Kreatif or “Rumah Pintar” (literally means smart house) is co-funding project of UI through Community Service Project CEGS UI Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM-UI) and RIHN. The project intended to answer the problem of scarcity of public space at kampung Cikini. Rumah Kreatif potentially provides function for entire community members for both gender and all ages that no other typical public building does such as PAUD or pre-school (age-specific), mushola or small mosque (gender-segregate), and PUSKESMAS or health center (individual based public service). As a fire-proof structure, Rumah Pintar also can be used as a construction model for houses in a densely populated and fire-prone area. The design elements are clearly divided into Permanent Skeleton and Flexible Skin. Permanent Skeleton is the robust part ensuring the basic living environment such as sunlight or ventilation by restricting any future changes. Flexible Skin is the flexible part that can be changed freely by users. By adopting this method, truly sustainable urban space will be realized in both eternity and continuity meaning.

In 2014 Rumah Pintar won the third price of International Award of Zumtobel for the category or Urban Development of Initiative and Acknowledgement Award of Holciem Foundation. However more important challenge is how to deal the issue in the post occupancy of the project. Bearing the name of “Smart House” it should enable to home the learning process and create positive activities for all community members and kampung children in particular.