Project Installation: Alternative Helicopter (Ayun Ayun Kaliku) at Kampung Cikini

Architectural Design, Urban Design
UI-Chiba University (2012)

Team Leader : Evawani Ellisa

Team Member :

, , Student of UI and Chiba University

This community engagement is a joint workshop of 14 students of UI and Chiba University to propose the temporary installation of a bamboo swing: Alternative Helicopter Ayun Ayun Kaliku at high dense informal kampung of Cikini. The swing symbolizes a participative urban intervention in a district threatened by redevelopment, rapid growth and social divide. Among self-emerging neighbourhoods, the district is located in the city centre of Jakarta and therefore under pressure of redevelopment and transformation into a modern high-rise area because of the good location. The installation of the swing is a participatory project as it has been selected, developed and built together with the local community. The swing is a statement and integrated response to the community’s threats and wishes in terms of water quality and garbage collection.