Emirhadi Suganda

Professor of Built Environment Management

Dr (UI) M.Sc (AIT Bangkok) Ir (UI)

Emirhadi Suganda obtained his Dr. degree from University of Indonesia Graduate School of Environment Study, (PSIL-UI) in 2007, where he previously also took a Master program (M.Sc) in Environment and Management Study Asian Instutute of Technology (AIT-HSD) Bangkok Thailand in 1991. And also took a Bachelor (Ir) degree in 1975 in Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering UI. His research interest is about Built Environment Governance. Besides this such research, he also carries out other research related to Building Science, and participated in various seminars and workshops on such topics. In the University of Indonesia (UI), he teaches on Architectural Design Studio, Building Science and Building Regulation courses for undergraduate,  International Class (S1) and graduate program (S2). His academic experiences were also enriched with his professional practices in several bureaus in Jakarta before 1980. In 1983, he has been appointed as Vice Dean for Administration and Finance in Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia, and in 1984 he is the Director of UI Campus Development in Depok. Since 1991 he has been appointed as Secretary of TPLK (Tim Penataan Lingkungan Kampus) in UI. He also participated in several national architectural design competitions as a jury and committee.