Interior Architecture Student Wins the post-2015 Development Agenda Blogging Competition

On May 2015, an architecture student, Dina Marcelina AI’13, won the post-2015 Development Agenda Blogging Competition held by the United Nation in Indonesia. To achieve the aim to inform a broader public and especially youth in Indonesia on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the competition called for entries from across the country.

With the topic “Indonesian Youth Involvement in implementing the Post-2015 Agenda”, Dina wrote an article titled “Youth as a Subject of Change” which is considered successfully fostered awareness of Indonesian youth about their roles in achieving SDG in their own country. As the winner of the competition, Dina was awarded to join a selected field trip to one of the following UN’s key project sites in NTT or NTB that related to lagging MDG’s, in Jambi or Buntoi that relate to climate change projects, and in Kabanjahe that related to climate change projects.