First Stage Asian Rookie Award 2015 Indonesia Delegation Competition Results

The first stage of Asian Rookie Award 2015 Indonesian Delegation Competition was done, congratulation to 10 selected participants! The selected participants will compete on the second stage to select the two winner who will be the delegations of Indonesia on Rookie Award 2015  in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at 13-24 October 2015. The selected submissions are:

  1. Anggraeni Pratomo Putri, UI -Thamrin Food x Repel Chameleon City
  2. Bertha Karyahastana, Petra –  Street Dance Battle and Community Space
  3. Citra Auliyaputri Wallad, UI – Tanah Abang Sky Park
  4. Dyah Arieni Larasati, ITS – Flexibility Playground
  5. Elga Priscilla, Petra – Romantic Tutu
  6. Indriani Pratiwi, UI – Setu Babakan Cookery Center
  7. Jesslyn Bahtiar, Petra – Parkour Dance Community Center
  8. Kanigara Ubaszti Putra, UI – Tanjung Barat Recycling Center
  9. Monica Sidarta, UI – Poeticity
  10. Tia Aprilitasari, UI – The Bird Sanctuary