FORMAL – [IN]FORMAL : International Joint Studio


JKTWS has come into the 6th year. Started from 2011, JKTWS has become one annual workshop activity in collecting ideas about Jakarta issues, particularly in kampung context.

Our last work, a public building for children called “Rumah Pintar [After Fire Project]” which built in 2013 has received awards such as Acknowledgement prize in Holcim Awards 2014 Asia Pacific and 3rd prize in the department of “URBAN DEVELOPMENTS & INITIATIVES” in Zumtobel Group Award 2014.

Participated by students from different backgrounds and nationalities, the exchanging ideas in JKTWS always comes from various approaches in JKWS activities have been considered as part of real experiences and reflections in facing the reality of urban issues, particularly in Jakarta, both in macro and micro scale.

This year our keywords are [BORDER] and [CELEBRATION] of Formal-[IN]formal. In the end of workshop we will have “A Wedding Party”. About 20 participants each country [Indonesia and Japan] will participate for this year’s workshop and will try to make micro scale intervention for the celebration. The celebration and final presentation will be presented to local community on August 21st.

JKTWS2016 is mainly participated and supported by local people at Kampung Cikini, The University of Tokyo, Chiba University, Keio University, and Universitas Indonesia. JKTWS2016 is also supported by Dia.Lo.Gue and Nippon Paint.