First Stage ACARA 2016 Results

Department of Architecture

The first stage of ACARA 2016 was done, congratulation to 10 selected participants! The selected participants are invited to present their work to the front of the juror on 29th August 2016 at Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia, Depok. The selected submissions are:

  1. Astrid Vidya Primadhani, UI
  2. Bennedictus Bagus Tantyo, ITB
  3. Dharma Wijaya, Petra
  4. Edgar Hernandez, Petra
  5. Fulber Otto, Petra
  6. Sadida Aghnia, ITS
  7. Fairuz Hanifah, UI
  8. Kathleen Kimiko, Petra
  9. Leonita Halim, Brawijaya
  10. Stevanny Putri, UI