House Vision Jakarta Megacity 2050

Urban Design, Urban Housing and Settlements
International Collaboration (2012)

Team Leader : Evawani Ellisa

Team Member :

Enira Arvanda, Mohammad Nanda Widyarta, Verarisa Ujung

UI-RIHN expanded the collaboration and research activity toward the establishment of “Atap-Jakarta” through cooperation with Indonesian and Japanese professional architects, designers and corporates. “Atap-Jakarta” is the vehicle to seek new styles of living by thinking about both current and future problems in Jakarta. House Vision starts from single roof from which we hope that we can change atap or the roof (= skyline) of Jakarta and draw the future of Asian cities. Since the establishment of Atap-Jakarta in April 2013, we had held series of 12 International Seminars every month. We decided 6 topics related to issues on living spaces to be delivered in seminars consisted issues related to 1) compact; 2) energy; 3) community and public; 4) mobility; 5) renovation; and 6) exterior/interior. The aim of the seminar was to communicate and exchange views with Indonesian architects, designers, researchers, academicians, students, Japanese researchers and companies. The seminar series is part of a comprehensive exploration process to design unit prototypes and system of multi-family housing for 2050 that will be incongruent with the future lifestyle. The design also should be suitable with the custom and culture of people living in Jakarta and at the same time contribute to improve the urban environment.