Rini Suryantini


M.Sc (University of Karlsruhe) ST (UI)

Rini Suryantini teaches architecture at Universitas Indonesia since 2011. She holds a M.Sc in Regional Science from Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT, used to be Karlsruher Universitaet (TH)). She studied for her first degree at the University of Indonesia. One of her achievements is that she has been awarded with a Postgraduate Scholarship for Professionals by German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) in 2005. Her research interests lie in the field of sustainability related to domestic environment and human behavior, vernacular architecture, environment and landscape. She also engages in various community projects which are related to provision of facility in public space, such as for breastfeeding/ nursing cabin, aside improvement for kampong green infrastructure and river landscape in urban landscape system.