Triatno Yudo Harjoko

Professor of Urban Housing and Settlement

Ph.D (University of Canberra) M.Sc (University of Wales) Ir (UI)

He was born in Yogyakarta, Central Java, 0n 29 June 1949. He finished undergrad Insinyur Arsitek (Literally Architect Engineer) in the Universitas Indonesia; and postgraduate degree M.Sc. in Town Planning in the UWIST, Cardiff, UK. He recieved a PhD degree in Environmental Design in University of Canberra, Australia. He was conferred his professorship in 2007.

His particular expertise is related to urban settlement and housing, especially that of the underprivileged urban poor, namely:

  • Socio-spatial aspects of urban settlement and housing
  • Qualitative research method for urban settlement and housing – emic approach
  • Policy analysis, planning and design for urban settlement and housing – based on the Method of Support & Infills.

He is also interested in

  • planning and development of urban poor settlement
  • indigenous study related to human settlement and housing (local knowledge and technology)
  • life-cycle space of of the urban poor including its social networks; and eco-architecture.

He is one of three architects – Gunawan Tjahjono and Budi Adelar Sukada – who actively engaged in the plannig and design of the new university campus in Depok in the period of 1985-1987. He designed University Mosque and the campus Faculty of Engineering. He likes music and is a member of the Professor Band, University of Indonesia – as a lead guitarist