Top 10 Nomination of Design Challenge 2016

The Students of FTUI’s Architecture Department strikes back with new achievement in Design Challenge 2016 Competition which held in Surabaya, second biggest city in Indonesia. The competition focused on several factors in Ruang Terbuka Hijau (RTH), such as the amount of pollution and global warming. Parting in the Design Challenge Cipta Karya, FTUI’s Architecture students were among the top 10 nominee.

Development of RTH took place around Bundaran Waru, which is a border between Surabaya and Kabupaten (District) Sidoarjo. They propose that a gate as a sign that could represent Surabaya is needed. This gate is also hoped to have a unity with the RTH in Bundaran Waru. Therefore, this issue become the design concept that could elevate the visual quality of the local environment and show the identity of Surabaya.

The collaborative work between Annisa Yoni Androgini (A’12) and Tia Aprilitasari (A’12) is one of the best design in the competition.