Sekolah Indonesia Lombok’s Groundbreaking


Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia Alumni Association (ILUNI FTUI) with Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia are supporting the recovery and reconstruction of Lombok, particularly in facilitating school infrastructures.

Sekolah Indonesia for Lombok is designed as a response of the current natural disasters occurred in Lombok. It is done as an effort to help to recover the academic activities post-disaster.

The groundbreaking was held on 6 October 2018. This event was attended by Dean of Faculty of Engineering Dr. Ir. Hendri DS Budiono, M.Eng and the chairman of ILUNI FTUI Cindar Hari Prabowo.

The first installment of Sekolah Indonesia for Lombok will be built in Desa Kerandangan, Batu Layar, Lombok Barat. This school will have six classrooms, one library, and one staff room, which will be capable of accommodating more than 130 students in Kindergarten and Elementary School levels.

The construction is planned to be finished in one month from the groundbreaking event. The execution and supervision of the building are done by the committee of Sekolah Indonesia for Lombok.