Returning the Vernacular Architecture by Competition

Architecture UI students added another achievement by joining Architecture Grand Festival 2016. Competing in vernacular architecture competition and escalating Indonesia cultural value are one important issue for young architects.

The collaboration between Kanigara Ubaszti Putra (A’12), Monica Sidarta (A’12) and Aditya Suwito (A’12) resulting as the best vernacular house design in the competition. The theme of the competition is awakening the value of Indonesia culture. By carrying the concept of Korowai For Korowai, the team’s design concept is relating nature’s interdependence, human, and culture.

Apart from them, there are four other students from Department of Architecture, Universitas Indonesia. The students are Annisa Putri Lestari (AI’13), Annisa Achmaria (AI’13), Athiyah Alatas (AI’13) and Muhammad Khudzaifah (AI’13). Strong, orderly, well-structured, and detailed explanation on their design concept was resulting in an achievement on attending Architecture Grand Festival 2016.

The judgement on their work and other participants was done by several judges, included was Yori Antar and lecturers from famous university in Indonesia.