Call For Paper : I-Dwell


The conference intends to call for an alternative exploration and discourse based on a transformation on our livelihood to complement current dwelling form discourse which is largely emphasizing on the improvement of existing physical dwelling provisions. Such alternative viewpoint is necessary as meaningful and significant improvement on living conditions cannot be achieved without understanding the complex and contemporary ways of dwelling in both Indonesian and global context.

The discussion on International Conference on Dwelling Form 2015 is aimed to be centered on how the notion of dwelling can be reconstructed through redefining life cycles and meaning, how it can be situated beyond the constant and the tangible, how its material can be expanded towards the immaterial in multiple scopes and context. To ensure comprehensive outreach in such discourse, this conference invites global multidisciplinary participants to discuss these objectives. Various articles of past, present, local and global references can be critically used as a basis of investigation and exploration towards the global perspectives of dwelling form.