Global Design Studio Network [Design Discourse #05]

Chan Wai Lai | Cahyo Candrawan | Aiman Mohd Rashid

14:00 WIB

Global Design Studio Network
[Design Discourse #05]

“Between Academia and Industry: Hypothetical versus On-Ground Practice”
Chan Wai Lai
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

“Architecture: The Art of Storytelling”
Cahyo Candrawan
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Thursday, 29 July 2021
2 PM (Jakarta) / 3 PM (Johor Bahru)


This monthly event will be held online and is free of charge. No registration is required but the seat is limited. Save the date and join the discussion.

Global Design Studio Network is a collaboration between:

Architecture Design Lab (AD-Lab)
Department of Architecture
Universitas Indonesia


Design Process, Practice and Management (DPROM)
Programme of Architecture
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia