JKTWS 2018 – Tactical Urban Wedding

Department of Architecture and Cikini Kramat

actical urbanism intervenes with urban space and creates room for experimentation with the aim to question certain aspects of society. Temporary, flexible, and specific to the site, tactical urbanism performs short-term actions for long-term changes. In the context of informality, tactical urbanism encourages independence and assertiveness in local people to enrich their own place.

Joint Studio Workshop Indonesia-Japan (JKTWS) is an annual workshop in collecting ideas about issues in the urban space of Jakarta, particularly in the context of kampung. As its preceding events, the participants of JKTWS will take the challenge to intervene the space of Kampung Cikini. This year, JKTWS focuses on the practice of tactical urbanism; the tactics will be in the form of a wedding party and parade.

This will be the second wedding held by JKTWS in Kampung Cikini. A wedding in kampung is a huge, community-engaged event, and the parade route has a significant role in intervening informal spaces with the purpose of improving the neighbourhood, raising awareness to informal context, and bridging the super macro and super micro; it is the biggest challenge of JKTWS 2018 to design the effective tactics to apply in the informal residences of Kampung Cikini.