14.00 - 17.30
Multimedia Room, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering UI

In 1993. Le Corbusier and a few other members of the Congres International d’Architecture Moderne (CIAM) proposed the principles of the Athens Charter. It was a document aimed to orchestrate the technologies of the artificial into a proposal for the future of cities and designate the formation of human activities around four urban functions: work, residence, leisure, and transport. However, this human-centered approach appears unable to address the current problems as cities have become sources of extreme inequality and environmental degradation. Since from the time of its birth, the city has been held together by the commons. We are challenged by the questions where the imminent commons are and how to reconstruct them as an instrument of ecological awareness? How the imminent commons become the source of revision of urban practice?


Prof. Akiko Okabe – Architect | Professor at the University of Tokyo

Prof. Hajime Ishikawa – Professor at the Keio University

Prof. Reiko Hayashi – National Institute of Population and Security Research

Dr. Evawani Ellisa – Associate Professor | Dept. of Architecture Universitas Indonesia

Joo Adianto Ph.D. – Architect | Lecturer at Universitas Indonesia

Paksi C. K. Walandouw, S.E., M.Si. – Lecturer at Faculty of Economy and Business Universitas Indonesia