Design Discourse #02: Global Design Studio

14.00 UTC+7

Global Design Studio
[Design Discourse #02]

Making is an essential aspect of the architectural pedagogy. In design studios where students are required to “explore a critical and creative dialogue between abstraction and situation, art and architecture, technique and tactility, the analogue and the digital” (Farmer & Stacey, 2013, 303), the process of making allows for a reflective thinking that extend beyond the visual and instrumental understanding of architecture (Sennet, 2009). In the Design Discourse #2, Global Design Studio will explore such a notion by drawing the discussion in two interrelated topics.

Aiman Mohd Rashid will open the session by extrapolating the process of making in the analogue realm. Rashid explores the importance of making as an inseparable part of learning in the context of early architecture education. In the next session, Kristanti Dewi Paramita will further traverse our perspective on making as she draws the discussion of making in the digital world. Paramita suggests that digital tools are just articulatively powerful as analogue making and have the potential to push the boundaries of creative thinking.

2 PM (Jakarta) / 3 PM (Johor Bahru)


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