Student Projects
Architectural Design 3
Interconnection Permaculture
Talisa Dwiyani
Context as a Basis of Layering Method on Choreography of Movement
Leta Lestari

This design thesis begins from the concept of exaggeration as an initial idea to context based design method. Context inherent …

Final Project Interior Architecture
Tjipta Niaga and Photography: Acquisition As A Renewal Strategy of Spatial Identity
Stella Ajeng

Abandoned building is an amazing form of aging architecture. Their characteristics and origin give a peculiar soul and ephemeral beauty. …

Architectural Design Studio 2
Sander Sasmita

Revisiting the concept of culture as a mutual presence of basic-and-supporting elements in the context of urban/architectural fabric. This project …

Architectural Design 1
Spiderman Moves
Didha Igasi Marindra -- Muhammad Farhan Barona -- Himmatul Asyrofa

This installation pushes our body movement to adapt with the designed space for those who moved inside it, thereby creating …

Call For Paper : I-Dwell
January 24, 2015

The conference intends to call for an alternative exploration and discourse based on a transformation on our livelihood to complement …

Call for Design: Afair UI 2015 Design Competition
October 19, 2014

Have you joined AFAIR UI 2015 Design Competition? Open for all S1 students of all major! You can download the …

AFAIR 2015 – Role Architecture Play
fX Sudirman
28 Jan - 1 Feb

Main Exhibition //Architecture and Interior Architecture Students Portfolio, Installations and Design Competition Finalist’ Works Workshop //’Graphic Design in Architecture’ by …

Ekskursi Bukit Dua Belas
Galeri Hadiprana
08.00 - 17.00 WIB

Main Event: Sunday, 21/12/2014   13.00 WIB : Lecture & Open Discussion “Arsitektur dan Perpindahan” Prof. Ir. Gunawan Tjahjono, Ph.D, …

Engineering Faculty Canteen Yard, Universitas Indonesia, Depok
08.00 until drop
Workshop Metode Penelitian Arsitektur
Ruang Chevron Fakultas Teknik UI
13.30 - 17.30

Workshop Metode Penelitian Arsitektur Program Pascasarjana Arsitektur FTUI Kamis, 20 November 2014 Ruang Chevron Fakultas Teknik UI 13.30 – 17.30 …

“Ekskursi Arsitektur UI 2014″ Exhibition
Public Library of Universitas Indonesia

Coming soon… “Ekskursi Arsitektur UI 2014″ Exhibition