Urban Acupuncture to Enhance Community Entrepreneurship in High Dense Kampung

Urban Design
CEGs and Chiba University (2014)

Team Leader : Evawani Ellisa

Team Member :


In 2014 our community engagement project is focusing on urban acupuncture to enhance the community entrepreneurship. This is a co-funding project of UI through Community Service Project CEGS UI Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM-UI) and Chiba University. The project is a low-tech urban intervention that encourages Kampung Cikini to stand exemplarily for sustainable urban development. Just like the traditional Chinese acupuncture aims to relieve stress in human body, the acupuncture project is socially catalytic interventions in the urban fabric that would transform the larger scale context of kampung into better environment. In this project we provide basic skeleton and encourage the strategy that promotes the idea of communities for further install and interventions. The acupuncture would allow for “add-ons” later, based on need and affordability for the community. The project is a mean for people to unlock their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. For this reason we chose the location of existing broken MCK (public toilet) at RT 11/RW 01 Kampung Cikini. We provide opportunities to improve the mainstream infrastructure that is found in any typical high dense kampung.