Recommendation for Dwelling Supporting System of High Density Kampung Areas in Jakarta: Emphasizing on the Aspect of Ecology, Spatial and Local Culture.

Urban Design
UI-RIHN (2011)

Team Leader : Evawani Ellisa

Team Member :


This UI-RIHN research collaboration is concentrating on high dense informal settlement of Kampung Cikini, Central Jakarta with the questions: how do inhabitants try to cope with the density in order to achieve a relatively safe and sensible life? What environmental problems aroused in this high dense living area? What strategies can be proposed to resolve the environment issue? Using multi-disciplinary method, the study concluded that the environmental problems occur in this high-dense settlement is part of the efforts of inhabitants for live and make living. The most environmental assets of kampung defined not primarily by buildings but its character, ambience and inherent logic as the consequence of life cycle, people struggle and density. These true local values become basis for UI and Japanese students, who together with citizens collaborate through annual Joint Studio Workshop in upcoming years to seek the creative solutions to improve the living condition of high dense informal kampung.