Living Liquid Habitat : Water Filter Living Machine as an Ecological Approach To Interiority

Astidira Apti - Final Project Interior Architecture - Undergraduate Program

This design research challenged the idea of interiority through ecological approach. It perceived ecology as a study of spatial and environmental systems within the context of water. The research began with studying the water filtering system in the artificial ecology of a koi’s pond where the main focus was the movement of water during the process and its interaction with materials used for filtering. The system was perceived as a “living machine”, which incorporate the qualities of the interrelated system between organic and inorganic elements as an integrated water ecological system. The principles of water filtering system became the basis for generating the spatial programming, in which the system brought educational message to the users through its interiority, by exposing the the system operation containing water movement and materiality. The system was then injected into the site context comprising a 300-year-old complex of wooden warehouses surrounded by dead water. The machine intervened the existing context to bring the dead water to life through the operation of water moving inside, in-between, and outside of each warehouse unit and the surrounding water. The understanding of the ecological system of the water context became the basis for defining the relationship among the programs of events, materiality and interior experience. An ecological approach of water filter living machine within the context of wooden structure and dead water narrated the message of water existence that surrounds us and brings back the pulse of life within the context.