Context as a Basis of Layering Method on Choreography of Movement

Leta Lestari - , - Master Program

This design thesis begins from the concept of exaggeration as an initial idea to context based design method. Context inherent in design process is analyzed by layering method, which is an important aspect on exaggeration. Layering method on spatial context involves three layers of interaction. The first layer describes the human desire to be fulfilled. The second layer responds to the first by trying to impose order into it. However, the order is often unable to meet the needs of the first layer, and this eventually leads to the formation of the third layer in response to the second layer to meet the human desire on the first layer.
In the design process, the third layer is where the design ideas develop, the created by interaction between the first and the second layer. The development of layering method then focuses on the idea of choreography of movement, in which movement becomes the main basis for design development of market in Tanah Abang.