Call for Entries: The 5th Asian Contest of Architectural Rookies Award

Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia

“Asian Architecture Rookie Awards brings together the representative students who are selected from the certain national competitions in Asia. I strongly hope, through the borderless and friendly discussion of differences in students’ architecture work and the education systems in each country, this will lead to the answer of how to rise next generation of architects. I deeply believe, that every Asian students that have broadened their horizons in this competition, will play an active role in architectural in Asia, making big progress in modern Asian Architecture field, maybe even become the international leading figure in the future.”

Young Lee,

 Executive committee chairman

Chief juror of Asian Architecture Rookie Awards



  1. Third-year architecture students in any Indonesian university.
  2. Submissions are taken from any previous design studios, with final grade of A or A-.
  3. One submission per participant.
  4. Email submissions to (email baru) & in PDF format, A4 size, max. 10 pages, maximum file size of 20 MB, with the first page being the title page that providing the following informations:
  •  Student’s name,
  • Student’s work title,
  • year of completion
  • and student’s home institution.
  1. Submission dates: 30 May 25 July 2016.
  2.  First competition stage: top 10 submissions will be picked by a panel of jurors from IAI, big Architecture Offices, and the Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia, in August 08th, 2015
  3. Second competition stage: selection of two Indonesian representatives. Began with the presentations from the top 10 submissions at the Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia, Depok, in front of an international panel of jurors, and the announcement of two winners, in August 29th, 2015Each participants/their respective home institutions are responsible for their own accommodation and travel expenses.
  1. Two winning submissions will represent Indonesia during the Asian Contest of Architectural  Rookies Award 2016 in Ulanbator, Mogolia, 30th September to 2d October 2016. Accomodation, transportation, and per diem will be provided by the organizer.