POD Architecture: The 1st Asian Architecture Students Summer Workshop in Osaka & Sabae

Nadia Amira & Aisyah Tsabitah

Multimedia Room, Department of Architecture FTUI

“The 1st Asian Architecture Students Summer Workshop in Osaka &
Sabae” is the first workshop organized by Architectural Design
Association of Nippon (known as the organiser of “the Asian Contest of
Architecture Rookie Award”) as part of its broad educational projects
encouraging Asian architectural communities especially university
students who are studying architecture and urban design throughout
Asia Pacific region. This workshop will be a great opportunity for
architecture students in Asia to learn spatial design technique and

thinking intensively from the leading Japanese architects and also
through the interaction with traditional material productions. The
workshop will take place in two locations, the city of Osaka, one of
the largest metropolis in Asia, and the traditional craftsmen village of
Sabae in Fukui Prefecture, which is facing the new frontier issues
related to the shrinking population and the aging society. The students
will work on a design project in a one-week intensive collaboration.