Architecture of Hulswit Fermont Cuypers 1900 – 1957 in Dutch East Indies (Indonesia)

Obbe Norbruis

Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia

Obbe Norbruis studied architecture and urbanism in Delft and is working in Netherlands. Since a few years ago, he has been interested on Western architecture which were built in Indonesia before 1960. From 2011 onward, he has been doing research on the architects who worked in Ed Cuypers and Hulswit-Fermont architectural office, – both offices designed and built nomerous project between 1900-1927, in Dutch East Indies. After 1927, the office “Hulswit-Fermont continued under the name Fermont Cuypers – which lasted until 1957. This office again designed and built many buildings, included some in Bangka Island, Indonesia.