Development of Movement Simulation and Analysis Tools to Assess the Flow Performance of Hospital Circulation Space


The role of movement inside hospital building in hospital performance is very substantial in affecting the flow inside the
hospital, including the flow which is related to life threatening condition of the patient. The analysis of movement inside hospital involves the complexities of spatial layout and system, different roles of actors and variety of purposes. Computer simulation provides a better way to comprehend the movement inside the hospital due to its capability to handle complex layer of information to mimic the hospital complexities. This research attempts to develop movement simulation and analysis tools to assess the performance of hospital circulation space. The current stage of the development focuses on building virtual environment model and moving agent based on Agent Based Simulation Model paradigm. The simulation provides an opportunity to analyse and visualise various scenarios of movements along the circulation spaces of the hospital. Through the simulation, it is possible to identify the critical movement time inside the hospital. These findings are crucial in order to reduce the life threatening risk of the patient related to the movement flow. They would be useful to suggest improvement of spatial layout to gain better flow performance of the hospital.