Sekolah Indonesia Cepat Tanggap: Modular Design Strategies for Post-Disaster Quick Recovery

Yandi Andri Yatmo, M Mirza Y Harahap, Rini Suryantini (Universitas Indonesia)

Sekolah Indonesia Cepat Tanggap (SICT) is a modular school initiative that responds to post-disaster situations in Indonesia. The modular construction approach aims for quick, cheap and easily replicated school buildings. The modular design consists of components and units that could be configured through a plug-and-play system offering flexibility in responding to various site conditions, availability of material components, and learning needs. Through such a system, SICT design is especially characterised with the interconnected inside and outside learning spaces, in particular to promote the wellbeing of the children after the disaster. Hence, an upgraded learning ecosystem, emphasising a “build-back-better” spirit beyond simply a physical reconstruction. Initiated by the Architectural Design Research Cluster at the Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia and supported by the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia and its alumni, the project has successfully built eight schools in four disaster area locations in a period of less than two years, and received the FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2019.