Post Disaster: Working Towards the Natural School

Mark Dudek

(Mark Dudek Associates)

We know enough about the virus to understand the basic requirements for any environment where large numbers of people gather; ventilation to avoid aerosol transmission and enough space to enable distance within the group. But what we have also discovered here in the UK is the lack of any individual school based site strategies that might have anticipated this disastrous COVID-19 event. Faced with vague diktats from the central government, many schools have struggled to adapt. This proposes that as things become more normal, we should enable each school or school group to develop their own long-term site strategy. This should be about the adaptation and/or the addition of new space with the general aim of making each school greener environmentally, more open to the surrounding environment, and less classroom based. The developments proposals can be facilitated locally, engaging local people, in particular architects and building contractors to turn the face of each school towards its community and to plan for a certain future.