Post-disaster School Design Symposium

27 November 2020
16.00–18.00 (GMT+7)

Disaster recovery is a global issue faced by many countries around the world. Based on the Emergency Events Database (EM-DAT), there are more than 3,9 billion lives affected by natural disasters worldwide recorded between 2000-2019. Children are especially vulnerable because they experience the loss of houses, schools and often also families. Most recovery and reconstruction programmes focus on the rebuilding of the temporary shelter and facilities. It remains a challenge to consider the aspects of children’s healing to be integrated in the design and reconstruction strategies. This symposium explores the possibility of architectural design to contribute to the healing and wellbeing of the children that have experienced loss and traumatic experience.

This symposium is part of a project funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences under GCRF Networking Grant as a collaboration research between Universitas Indonesia, De Montfort University, Universiti Teknologi MARA, and Kasetsart University. The project seeks to propose an integration between the children’s healing programme and school reconstruction process, by highlighting the connectedness to nature as the medium of healing to be adopted as a universal strategy for post-disaster recovery for children. This symposium will discuss some best practices in post-disaster design projects in several countries, in order to gain some lessons learned that would be useful for further post-disaster initiatives to promote the children’s well being after the disaster.


Opening remarks
Paramita Atmodiwirjo (Universitas Indonesia),
Rokhshid Ghaziani (De Montfort University)

Architecture of Possibilities
M. L. Varudh Varavarn (Vin Varavarn Architects)

Haiti 2010: Transitional Schools as a Vehicle for Disaster Risk Reduction, Safer Construction and Capacity Building
Kate Cheyne (De Montfort University)

Sekolah Indonesia Cepat Tanggap: Modular Design Strategies for Post-Disaster Quick Recovery
Yandi Andri Yatmo, M Mirza Y Harahap, Rini Suryantini (Universitas Indonesia)

Post Disaster: Working Towards the Natural School
Mark Dudek (Mark Dudek Associates)


Closing remarks

*the schedule is using the GMT+7 time

You can download the symposium booklet here