Biophilic Design in Primary Schools:
Impact on Children's Wellbeing

25 September 2020
09.00–13.20 (UK Time)

This symposium is part of the funded project (GCRF Networking Grant), Healing by Nature, and brings together the collaborative network of academic partners from UK, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, led by Universitas Indonesia and De Montfort University to share best practices and innovation on biophilic school design models.

Biophilic design patterns (Ryan et al., 2012; Browning et al., 2014) can be used in schools for greater connectivity between interior spaces and nature to achieve well-being for children.

The focus is on ten biophilic design patterns under two categories – Nature in the Space and Natural Analogues. The symposium will explore the possibility for innovative school design model based on biophilic design principles as a means to promote children’s well-being.


Prof Paramita Atmodiwirjo and Dr Rokhshid Ghaziani

The Value Case for Biophilia in Primary Schools
Martin Brown, Fairsnape, Lancashire, UK and Sonja Bochart, Arizona, USA

The Translational Biophilic Design of Primary Schools
Dr Kenn Fisher, University of Melbourne, Australia

Biophilia in the Conception of Modern Scandinavian Schools’ Design
Prof Amjad Al- Musaed, Jönköping University, Sweden

Questions and Answers

The Biophilic Classroom: Putney High School GDST (Girls’ Day School Trust)
Clare Bowman, RCZM, DMU, UK

Presence of Biophilic Elements in Schools and Their Effect on Children – A Comparative Case Study Approach
Bethania Lanzaro, Scala Colab, London, UK

Promoting Wellbeing of Children with ASD with Biophilic School Design
Merve Kavaz, Hacettepe University, Turkey

Knowledge Garden: Designing the Narratives of Nature Experience in School Environment
Prof Paramita Atmodiwirjo & Prof Yandi Andri Yatmo, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Questions and Answers

Exploring Connections between Biophilic Design and a Learning Environment Design (LED) Framework
Dr Tiina Mäkelä, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Primary School Ground: Garden Design with Children
Dr Rokhshid Ghaziani, DMU, UK

Promoting a Connection to Nature and a Sense of Place through Forest School
Dr Dave Cudworth, DMU, UK

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Discussion & Closing

You can download the symposium booklet here