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About the Journal

Aims and Scope
ARSNET is a publication platform dedicated to creative exploration in design disciplines, from architecture, interior, and other spatial design discourses. It takes particular interest in the behind-the-scenes processes: the inquiries, experiments, trial and errors, and speculations, be it performed individually or collaboratively as part of professional or pedagogical design practices. The journal also seeks to investigate how such design processes are informed by the social, cultural, and environmental condition of the context of Asian countries. The journal is also interested in understanding how these processes apply in current times of technological advancements, exploring such creative processes in computational design practices and digital environments. Discussion of these creative processes must be theoretically engaged, creating a dialogue between academic discourse and design practice.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that address design exploration, which may include but not limited to creative processes that reinvent or manipulate existing design approaches, creative processes that reflect on the mechanisms of everyday objects or phenomena, or creative processes that question or speculate ideas that trigger design possibilities. Submissions in the form of project and book reviews and academic design project reflections are also welcomed, recognising the potentials of a multidisciplinary outlook and utilisation of mixed media within the design process.
Scope of discipline: Architecture, Art and Design, Computational Design

Publication Frequency
ARSNET is published twice a year: April and October. There might be special issues.