Professional Program for Architect

This one-year professional program intended to provide graduates who have the ability to design in a professional manner based on policies (code compliance) to fulfill the needs of competence as the architect. Graduates of this program may work in various fields in the construction industry, as executive architect or construction supervisor. Graduates may also work as are searcher and lecturer at educational institutions associated with the architecture. Besides graduates may also work in the field of urban design, real estate, building maintenance, assessor for project feasibility studies, building managers, housing and settlements and the environment, working in the industry of building materials and elements, and working in the government sector in matters of urban design, building and development related to built environment.

Course Composition:

Type of Course Credit Hours (SKS) Percentage
Compulsory Course 18 75
Elective Course 6 25
Total 24 100%
Total Credit Hours to Graduate   24 sks


Main Course

  • Design Studio 1
  • Advance Architectural Theories